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    By Conor Ferguson 


    Out of the box iLogic has no code snippets to work with Vault. The use case that comes up for this is when you want to re-use parts rather than ‘flexing’ them. This is all well and good if all the parts belong in the same folder in Vault because you can just download the whole folder, but sometimes this is not the case.

    Attached is a zip file which contains a dll file (iLogicGetFromVault.dll) which can be referenced in an iLogic rule and can be used to download files from Vault with the below conditions:

    • Only works with Vault Professional or Workgroup 2019.
    • The Inventor Vault add in must be installed and you must be logged into Vault before running a rule (the dll file uses the connection from the add in).
    • Only downloads part files. 

    To try this out, download and extract the zip file and place the dll file in location C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor [Year]\Bin

    The dll may need to be unblocked as it has been downloaded from the web.

    Once installed you can restart Inventor and reference it in a rule, the below code is needed to download a file. You need to pass in the File Name of the file, it will then query the entire Vault to find the first file that matches this File Name, download it and return the full path of the file.


    You can then use the full path in the iLogic Component.Replace function.

    A little tip, if you rename a component in the Inventor model browser, that name persists after the replace. The below Gif shows me implementing this and swapping out a ‘Short Stem’ for a ‘Large Stem’. Notice in the Inventor browser, I’ve renamed the component to just ‘Stem’ then used this in the Component.Replace snippet.