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    How to install the Network License Manager on Mac OS X?


    Current versions of Autodesk software require the most recent version of the Autodesk Network License Manager to successfully acquire a license from your network license server. You can download the latest version directly from Autodesk at Autodesk Network License Manager for Mac OS X.

    Note: If an earlier version of the Network License Manager is running, you need to stop the service before you can install the new version. Administrator permission is required for this procedure. The NLM should be installed under/usr/local/flexnetserver. Back up your license files and then follow the instructions in Uninstalling the Network License Manager on Mac OS X before proceeding.


    Install from Downloaded NLM Installation File

    1. Visit Autodesk Network License Manager for Mac OS X and download the latest version for your OS.
    2. Decompress the downloaded file into a folder on the server in either a terminal window or on your desktop:

      Navigate to the folder containing the.tar.gz file and issue the following command:
      tar –zxvf nlm11.13.1.2_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.tar.gz

      Double-click the compressed .tar.gz file you downloaded.
    3. Execute the FLEXnet server installation package (extracted above):

      Navigate to the folder containing the extracted.pkg file and issue the following command:
      Installer -pkg nlm11.13.1.2_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.pkg –target /
      If you receive a message that you must run as root to install the package, use sudo and provide your password when prompted:
      sudo Installer -pkg nlm11.13.1.2_ipv4_ipv6_mac_universal.pkg –target /



    • Double-click the .pkg file in the FLEXnet


    • Depending on the security preferences set on your Mac you may receive a message that the .pkg file can't be opened:


    • Go to the Security & Privacy section of System Preferences and click "Open Anyway". If the .pkg file still doesn't open, choose the "Anywhere" option and try launching the installer again.


    • Once the installer launches, follow the on-screen instructions for installation. The Network License Manager should be installed under /usr/local/flexnetserver. If you changed your security preferences in the previous step remember to restore your original security preferences when installation is complete.


    Start the Network License Server:

    • Open a Terminal window and navigate to the Autodesk Network License Manager folder (containing the files lmutil,lmgrd, and adskflex). The default location is /usr/local/flexnetserver. You should be logged in with Administrator rights.
    • Enter the following command to start the Network License Server:

      ./lmgrd –c license_file_list –l debug_log_path

    Note: It is recommended to start lmgrd with a non-root user. If you must start lmgrd with a root user, enter the following to run lmgrd as a non-privileged user:

    su username ./lmgrd –c license_file_list –l debug_log_path

    Where username needs to be a non-privileged user.


    Query the License Server Status:

    You can use the following commands to verify that a license server is up and running, and to determine how many licenses it has in total, and how many are in use. Replace adsk_server.lic with the actual license file path and name.

    ./lmutil lmstat -a -c adsk_server.lic