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    By Kim Hyde 

    Project Managers and those generally in an administrative role using Vault often wish to control the folder structure for Vault projects to a prescriptive format … they definitely don’t like users making up folders in Vault at random! Up until now this has been impossible to control as Vault has maintained synergy with the Microsoft principal that if you can create a file, then you can create a folder, however the new `Manage Roles’ tool in Vault 2019’s Global settings allow managers to restrict folder creation.  This important feature goes a long way in making the Vault operation … (dare I say it?)  … `Idiot-Proof’!

    Remember access to managing roles in Vault is limited to the Administrator or those assigned with administrative roles.  Access via Tools > Administration > Global Settings in Vault 2019 will reveal the new Manage Roles button.  The new tool allows the administration of creating new custom roles as well as editing existing roles. 

    466.pngalways create a new custom role by copying an existing `standard’ role … then edit the new role.467.png 

    The example below shows creating a custom role by first creating a copy of `Document Editor (Level-1)’, then removing Folder Create from the Selected Permissions listing.  The new custom role can then be set / amended in the Group settings or for individual User settings. 

    … and just a reminder, the difference between `Level-1’ and `Level-2’ for Document Editors is that (by default) Level-2 can rename a file and/or move a file from one directory to another; certainly, something you may wish to consider on the `Idiot-Proof Route’!


    Happy Vaulting!




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