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    By Chris Turner 


    In the Vault Client, you always have great searching functionality to find what you are looking for. In the main panel you have the quick ‘Search Box’, which can be expanded to build an advanced query, and you have the ‘Find’ tool on the standard toolbar to also look for files based on your criteria. 


    In addition to this, a handy tip which some users may not know about is the ‘Find Panel’ which can also be enabled in the Vault Client.

    Keep in mind that the find is looking for multiple things here and, in my example, I first look for Inventor Assembly files (IAM), then I add Inventor Part files (IPT) and then I add Material (STEEL).

    All occurrences of each ‘search’ are shown together. It doesn’t quite search filter as a traditional find would in Vault, but still useful! 

    The ‘Show Find Panel’ is also available on the right-click in the main panel.


    Great productivity saving.