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    By John Flanagan 



    In my previous blog I outlined the steps to blend curved splines, arcs and polylines. In this blog we look at a similar exercise in merging objects. This blog looks at how we use the Loft Command  to create an elbow or cylinder shape with circular profiles of different diameters placed at the start and end of a curved path.

    Loft Command – Location

    There are a few ways to access the Loft command. The easiest way is to type the word loft on the command line.      


    In a 3D Basics workspace you can select the Loft tool from the Create panel on the Ribbon.     


    Loft Command – Function

    This creates a 3D solid or surface in the space between several cross sections or profiles. Loft cross sections can be open or closed, planar or non-planar and can also be edge sub-objects. Open cross sections surfaces and closed cross sections create solids or surfaces, depending on the specified mode.         



    Please watch the short video tutorial for a quick demonstration on how to use the Loft tool in AutoCAD.