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    By Miles Nicholson


    A content pack update is available for Siemens components. The update installs new Siemens catalogue data to the existing AutoCAD Electrical 2019 Siemens catalogue database. This update doesn't include footprint drawings although these are available from either the Cadline Traceparts content or from Siemens Cax.

    The extra content includes:

    • Moulded case circuit breaker 3VA and Accessories 3VA9
    • Circuit Breakers 3RV2
    • Contactors 3RT2 (and 3RT1)
    • Contactor Relays 3RH2
    • Load Feeders 3RA2
    • Motor Starters 3RM1
    • Overload Relays: Electronic 3RB3 and Thermal 3RU2
    • Current Monitoring Relays 3RR2
    • SIRIUS-ACT Pushbuttons, Key Operated Switches, Selector Switches, Indicator Lights, E-Stop Devices, Acoustic Signalling Devices 3SU1

    Siemens Content Pack Download