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    By Dave Johnson 


    Sheet Set Manager

    Do you ever find yourself repeatedly inputting data in title blocks? Did you know that by using Civil 3D’s Sheet Set Manager you can overwrite multiple sheets of attributed data in a single manner?

    As you can see from the image, I have created my view frames and followed by creating my sheets, you will also notice that when following this workflow you will automatically see the Sheet Set Manager appear. If not use CTRL4 to open the palette.

    I have used the Autodesk templates for my sheet creation, however this works with any that you have available to you that contain attributed data in the title block.

    This example has a number of items shown with a grey background, this tells me that attributed data is in play.


    If you right click on your sheet set name and select properties you will get the menu shown.

    To add custom properties that will speed up your production process, you need to select the Edit Custom Properties button.


    This will allow you to add your own custom properties that follow the naming of your title block attributes.

    For this example I know that some of the attributes I can edit fall under the heading ‘Project Name’.

    Once you select add from the first menu you can proceed to add a custom property for the Project Name and give it a default value that will show up prior to filling in the correct data.


    You can now fill in the data you wish to see in the sheet set title block, in this example I will give the project a name. A quick regen of the drawing will show this data across the full suite of drawings created in the sheet set. If at any point this data needs to change, you would only need to do it once in the Sheet Set Manager.