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    By Dennis Collin 

    Recently a Windows 10 update corrupted my system which necessitated a complete reinstall of operating system and applications. My 2018 applications were reinstalled and all seemed well.

    However, I was on site with a customer, without an internet connection and I found both my AutoCAD and Revit Products would bomb out after a period of 20 minutes or so, even if they were not being used, with the following error message; “FATAL ERROR: Unhandled e06d7363h Exception at.. or similar."


    Doing some research, the cause seems to be the way 2018 licensing works, in that the license service expects a regular and frequent internet connection to verify the license. When the servers are not accessible, the products switch to offline mode.  Unexpectedly going into offline mode or for being offline for what is deemed too long a period causes certain 2018 products to crash, in my case AutoCAD and Revit.  Setting one’s laptop or tablet to ‘airplane mode’ can also have the same result.

    Fortunately, an update is available which will fix the problem and permit operation without a connection for at least several days. It is referred to as the ‘Autodesk License Service 5.1.5 Hotfix 1’ and can be downloaded and installed from here on the Autodesk Knowledgebase.



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