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    By Scott Cunliffe

    One the main selling points of Vault’s Thin Client, the web version of the data management tool, is that it hides the working states of files from visibility until they are released. The intention is that we want to avoid non-design users referencing incomplete work.  Until now, the Thin Client has displayed each major revision including the historical releases.

    This has had merit – many companies honour previous revisions of their product for spares, repairs, or compatibility with new sales.  But a lot of customers wish to hide these revisions as they are legacy and are never referred to.  It alleviates potential mix-ups on the shop floor and ensures that engineers can only access the most current design:


    Figure 1 - All revisions visible

    With Vault 2019 onwards, we can now hide historical revisions with a new option in Settings:


    Figure 2 - Latest version option

    Settings is accessed via the drop-down menu on your username (you must be an Administrator).

    Finally, you have a filtered view of the design: 


    Figure 3 - Latest version view

    We know a lot of customers have been waiting for this one.  It has been implemented, thanks once again, to the power of the Idea Station community. 

    The next logical step would be to hide the latest revision if it moves into a working state.  We don’t want manufacture to take place on something that is about to change.  This is also coming.

    If you have an idea or feature request, submit it – they are listening! 

    If this feature is of interest to you and your company, and you are on a previous version of Vault, get in touch with us to assist in your upgrade options.