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    By John Flanagan 



    In my previous two blogs I outlined the steps for applying Shared Parameters directly to families in the family editor and applying Shared Parameters to schedules. The final way that we can use Shared Parameters is in tags.

    Shared Parameters in Revit – Add Shared Parameters to Tags.

    Application Button – New – Annotation Symbol. Choose the Generic tag category. Set the category for this tag to Furniture Tags. Draw the graphics. On the Create tab click on the Label button. Pick a location in the middle of the tag and in the Edit Label Dialogue it will list all the standard system parameters. Click the Add Parameter button. Shared Parameter is the only option – add Ref No click OK. Add the Ref No to the label and for the Sample Value put in XX1 click OK and load into project. Click on the pieces of furniture and you will see that they are going to record the shared custom parameter. Return to the Family Editor and add the Owner Supplied parameter to the tag and when you bring that back into the project the individual tags would be able to report directly on screen whether or not the furniture was owner supplied