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    By Anite Ramgi 


    The Design Accelerator tool can be used to generate components which are based on engineering calculations. More information about the Design Accelerator can be found here

    On occasions, the tab or the contents for this tool can go missing. Below are some of my suggestions on how to resolve this.

    Missing Tab
    Go to Tools > Add-Ins, and make sure the Loaded/Unloaded and Load Automatically boxes are ticked for the below Add-Ins:

    Design Acceleration

    Frame Generator

    Simulation: Frame Analysis

    Click ok and restart Inventor


    Missing Content from Design Accelerator
    There are two places to check, the file path shown on the Project File and the folder containing the actual Design Accelerator elements.

    On the project file, under Folder Options, check which file path is shown for the Design Data. By default it is:

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 20XX\Design Data\


    The second place to look is in the actual folder. From the file path shown on the Project file, go to the folder and check if the contents are there.