Cymap’s Measure Tool in Practice

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By Ashley Rice 

As you may already know, Cymap can measure from any point on the screen to another point within any plan view, thus giving a scaled result for assessing distance between those two points. In this blog we will look at where to locate this command, how to use the command and put an example into practice.

Where to locate the command

As the image below shows, you can locate the command either by going to the ‘View’ command and then ‘Measure’ on the Cymap ribbon, or by pressing F12 on your keyboard.


How to use the command

Either option of the command will give the user functionality to measure with two clicks.

The 1st click is where to measure from and is highlighted in the instruction box at the bottom left of the screen.


The 2nd click is where to finish the measure point and again is highlighted in the instruction box.


Your result is displayed in the Measure dialog box and the red measure-line stays active until you click OK, thus confirming that you are happy with the result.


An example into practice

Let’s look in the piping program for an example of where this command may be effective and familiarise ourselves with valves.

Commissioning valve manufactures state that a straight pipe length at the entrance of the regulating valve must be at least 10 times the pipe diameter, and a straight pipe length on the exit of the valve must be at least 5 times the pipe diameter. This is to maintain constant pressure, prevent noise and vibration caused by turbulent flow. 

As you can see below I want to place a commissioning valve on the 25mm return pipe of my calorifier.

Giving an allowance for the length of the valve body, halfway along the section covers the 10 times going into the valve and thus will also cover the exit depending on placement of the valve.


We can also check measurements after placement of the valve as seen below.


Pipe length measurement on the entrance of the valve = 0.28

Pipe length measurement on the exit of the valve = 0.23m and the placement is sufficient as my minimum measurements;

0.25 meters or 250mm on the entrance

0.125 meters or 125mm on the exit

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