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    By Dennis Collin 

    I recently noticed this useful utility, Section Height Editor, on the Autodesk App Store. When creating section views in Revit the section height range tends to be linked to the extents of the model. Although the elevation extents can be edited approximately using graphical control points, it is handy to be able to edit the section extents exactly where areas of the model may be ‘busy’ i.e. plant rooms, stairwells, lift shafts etc. and view extents need to be consistent.


    The app, once installed, can be found under the Add-ins Tab. Choose the ‘config’ button and set the desired section extents ranges which are linked to levels and offsets (note units used are metres).


    Click on the Section Editor button and select the desired section views you wish to adjust.


    Fig 2. The precisely set section view extents

    This add-in is also available for older Revit versions including all versions back to 2015.



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