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    John Flanagan 



    This blog follows on from my last blog and White Paper where we applied shared parameters directly to component families (e.g. Desks) in the family editor. You can access both documents on the Cadline Community website (www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk).

    Shared Parameters in Revit – Apply as a Project Parameter

    Manage Tab, Settings Panel, Project Parameters Button

    Click the Add button. Select Shared Parameter, click Select. Choose Ref No. click OK.

    Add it as Type, under Categories tick Furniture, click OK. So now you're applying this Parameter to all families that belong to the Furniture category. Throughout this project both the furniture that already exists in the project and any new furniture that you bring in will have access to this Shared Parameter.

    Select an item, Edit Type, fill in a value: e.g. a chair (XZ1) or a desk (AB1).

    Access Furniture Schedule:


    Conclusion: Flexibility of Shared Parameters

    We can add them individually to Family files or we can add them globally as a project parameter. They show up on the Properties palette and they show up in schedules. The final way that we can use Shared Parameters is in tags. I will cover this in my next blog.




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