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    By John Flanagan 



    Including view templates in your project template will give your teams the ability to quickly apply your standard view settings. It will also support continued consistency as each building project grows in scope and size. Remember that view templates are easily shared between projects using the Transfer Project Standards tool.

    On the View tab, find the Graphics panel and select View Templates ⇒ Manage View Templates. In the View Templates dialog box you will find icons to duplicate, rename, or delete view templates below the list on the left. On the right are the view properties that can be applied when the view template is applied to a view.

    Fig 1: View Templates Dialogue Box


    Using View Templates

    View Templates contain many of the predefined settings of how a view should display. Open the Advanced Sample Model and apply the following template properties to the current view.     

              Discipline Filter <All>          

              View Type Filter <Floor, Structural, Area Plans>

              Names <Structural Framing Plan>               


    Now we get a clearer picture of the structural elements in the building.