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    I have successfully entered my MapThat Username and Password, chosen my ROLE and then chosen my preferred Project to Open. However, MapThat starts to load, but does not render the List of Layers, the Basemaps, the Map Controls (Zoom IN/OUT) or the Map Logo. What could be causing this issue?



    Please refer to another FAQ for another possible cause of this issue, which is linked to the USERS login details: https://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360000019757-MapThat-The-Interface-is-Not-Loading-Correctly

    In addition, a Project can fail to load if there is an issue with the ACCESS settings for the ROLE that has opened the project. Access to layers is ROLE based, which means that one USER can login, choose a ROLE, and for the same Project the Project will load correctly. However, the same User can log in and using another ROLE, the same Project can fail to open.

    To resolve this issue check the configuration of the ROLE LAYER settings:


    This specific issue could occur if you have a series of CHILD layers that are grouped into a PARENT layer. E.g. in TryMapThat we have two different Planning App Layers, being displayed under a PARENT layer called Liverpool Planning.


    If the ROLE LAYER settings, allow the ROLE to ACCESS the 2 child layers, but NOT allow ACCESS to the PARENT layer (Liverpool Planning), the MapThat Project will fail to load for that ROLE, if the CHILD LAYERS are set as Display at Startup. 

    Simply edit the ROLE LAYER settings to ensure that ROLE can have ACCESS = Y to the PARENT layer, or change the Child layers to not be set to Display at Startup and the project will now open.