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    By Stuart Tanfield 

    The January 2018 BIM 360 Docs updates have seen improvements to PDF handling, mark-up and RFI workflows. The RFI feature (available in Docs and in the recently-launched BIM 360 Project Management module preview) provides more flexibility and control for assigning an RFI to specific individuals and for notifying other project team members.

    Improved Viewing and Review

    Autodesk has updated the viewing and markup tools so that you can more easily control how markups are viewed by your project team.  Now the size of your mark-ups - including shapes, lines, and text boxes - scale to the drawing or model zoom level. In addition, you can select a font size for your text markups.

    The image below shows three different text markups created at three different zoom levels. All three scale with the drawing at any zoom level.  


    There is also improvement to the calibration tool, now with the option for using imperial units when calibrating.  


    RFI's - Improved Assignments and Distribution

    The RFI feature, available in Docs and in preview mode in the BIM 360 Project Management module, now provides more flexibility and control for assigning responsibility and informing other team members.  While a Project Admin can still control the workflow and determine which users, roles, or companies can take action in each workflow step, there made some important changes.  Now when you submit or assign an RFI, you can choose the primary reviewer as well as co-reviewers.  The list of team members from which to choose are based on the workflow settings.  You can also determine a distribution list to ensure specific project team members are updated on the RFI status.


    Title Block Extraction - New Vertical Text Support

    The Title Block data extraction experience has been improved by adding full support for Vertical text for both vector and raster PDF drawings.  As always, you can select the regions of the title block for Sheet Number, Sheet Title and any other custom attributes you have defined.  Autodesk has added a text direction indicator next to each field, so that you can easily define if he text is horizontal, vertical (left-to-right) or vertical (right-to-left).  Here is what it looks like when you set up the Title Block:


    Review Page Improvements

    To better support your upload and publishing workflow, there is now the option to choose another title block (or create a new one) and reprocess directly from the Review page. In addition, the text you are extracting is highlighted from the drawings for improved verification and control.