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    By Trevor Clayton  

    This is for all those AutoCAD Civil 3D users out there who have been frustrated by some of the un-user friendly workflows in some of the functionality. In particular, I am talking about the Part Builder, which in my opinion, is one of the worst.

    Fear not, because from version AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.1 the Infrastructure Parts Editor became available. Many of you will be familiar with it when it was on Autodesk Labs for a few years under the Project Kameleon banner. Is this the end of the notorious Part Builder? Not quite. It is still very useful and straight forward for editing pipe sizes.

    So if you have a drainage structure that needs attention then the Parts Editor is the tool for the job. Accessing the Parts Editor is via the Create Design Panel dropdown:


    Figure 1 Accessing the Parts Editor

    You will be presented with the Parts Editor and an option to select a library. There is a metric library with the installation:


    Figure 2 Parts Editor opening screen

    You will see that once you select the catalogue, the parts are broken down into 3 sections:

    • Surface Structures
    • Underground Structures
    • Cover/Grate Structures

    Each group already have numerous items for you to choose from. Once selected you can go through the tabs, adding information and data in each tab, including property details and different sizing options so although it may not be your required size you can add whatever size you require. It is then just a case of going thrugh the other two sections and editing as required, ensuring that sizes and parameters match through each part. Once you are happy with the parts, they need to be brought together as an assembly. This is done by selecting one of your edited parts then as you go it will only let you add components that are compatible (the ones you previously edited).


    Figure 3 final screen prior to publishing

    The structure can then be published for use in InfraWorks and Civil 3D, now that’s progress!

    If you need a completely new structure then use AutCAD Inventor which will facilitate the creation of parametric models and also has a function to share with Infrastructure Parts Editor.