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    By Miles Nicholson 

    The following is a list of new features and enhancements added to elecworks™ 2018 Service Pack 4

    • A new Microsoft® Excel add-in for Excel Automation

    This is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel and not for elecworks™. The Microsoft® Excel add-in improves the workflow when utilising Excel Automation

    To install the add-in:

    Browse to the directory:               C:\Program Files\elecworks\bin_x64\EwExcelAddIn\

    Run EwExcelAddIn.vsto

    The add-in will then appear as a new ribbon tab within Microsoft® Excel:


    • A message dialogue now appears when loading an elecworks™ add-in if the previous load attempt failed


    N.B: The picture above shows an add-in designed specifically for testing purposes only 

    • Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese translations have been added to the elecworks™ Welcome page 
    • When using the Excel Automation command, the process summary log has been improved to show more in-depth information 


    • Double clicking over the formula field within the Wire style properties dialogue now opens the Formula manager


    • Align blocks command within a cabinet layout drawing now also works on the Y axis 
    • Keyboard hotkeys have been added within the Terminal strip editor

    Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + X (cut) and Ctrl + V (paste) 

    • A new report has been added: Wires tags - one row per tag. This makes it easier to get the information into some wire marking machine software. The report shows all wire tags from a project, using one row for each tag:


    • When unarchiving a project which was archived in an older version of elecworks™, the Project Verify dialogue is no longer shown as the verification is done transparently 
    • Unnecessary characters are now removed when pasting license numbers from your elecworks™ installation email into the elecworks™ License Manager activation dialogue. Previously, when copying and pasting license numbers into the dialogue all characters were included. Example shown below:


    Only the actual license numbers are now copied

    • Manufacturers parts that are no longer associated to a component are removed from the project database when the Verify Project command is run 

    Select Tools ribbon tab > Tools panel > 176.png 

    • New symbols for terminals and cross-connections have been added


    • Exporting to PDF performance has been improved if temporary folders do not exist.