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    By Anite Ramgi 


    Templates are ideal to use if the same standards and styles are repeatedly used, as it keeps drawings and models consistent and saves the user time by avoiding duplicating standards and styles on each of the documents.

    Inventor creates its models and drawings from templates, however you notice that the templates window shows an empty screen.


    This is because the templates saved within the templates folder are missing. If you look at the file path where the templates are stored, you’ll see the folder is empty.




    To resolve this issue, place the templates into the templates folder, and you should see the template window populate with the missing templates. 


    Alternatively, you can direct Inventor to look at another file path. There are two methods to do this, either on the application options or on the projects menu:

    Using applications options: Tools>Applications Options>File Tab>Change the file path Default templates

    Using projects menu: Get Started>Projects>Folder Options> Templates>right click edit and add the file path

    Please note that the file path shown the project menu will override the file path on the application options.