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    By Anite Ramgi


    Hatching can be a great way to show the cross-section area of a part, however having numerous cross-sectioned parts on a drawing can make it difficult to distinguish each of the parts.

    To overcome this, for each material you can assign a different hatch pattern.

    On the Style and Standard Editor, choose the standard, then go to the Material Hatch Pattern Defaults. You will need to import the materials, which you can choose From File… (imports materials from part files) or From Style Library (imports from the Material Library).


    Once the materials have been imported, you will need to assign the hatch patterns which can be selected from the drop down menu.


    Now click on Save. This will save the style within the document.


    If you can’t see the updated hatches, you will need to double click on the hatch and then tick By Material on the Edit Hatch Pattern window.


    You can save this style to the library so that when you create a new drawing with hatches, the material hatches will automatically be assigned.