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    By Luke Howells


    When you combine the modelling power of the latest version Autodesk InfraWorks and the accessibility and the ease-of-use of BIM360 Document Management, the result is an incredibly flexible project management environment that can be used by the whole project team. Here are some of the things you need to know about managing your InfraWorks project with BIM360 Document Management.

    BIM 360 Document Management projects are unique locations where project members can share project data, manage versions and collaborate in the same cloud shared location.

    You can use BIM 360 Document Management to create, publish, or synchronize an InfraWorks model or proposal. BIM 360 Document Management leverages the Autodesk Viewer to generate views of your design projects in a web browser.

    When you publish an InfraWorks model to a BIM 360 Document Management project, a web view of your model will be created. You can review these web views in the Autodesk Viewer, which allows you to switch between proposals in your model, navigate inside your models or proposals, place a first-person view, add mark-ups, inspect model properties, analyse features, add hyperlinks, and show or hide layers in your models. The toolbar provides tools based on the currently active view (2D or 3D). You can also customize the Autodesk Viewer settings.

    Now all of your project data, regardless of the product you created it with, can live in one place in a cloud environment that is optimised for sharing and viewing. Everyone can have access to the very latest project data and interrogate it using a highly visual, clean and simple interface.