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    By Clint Brown


    Shared Views were introduced with Vault 2018.1 and come standard with Vault 2019 (Work Group and Pro). 

    Shared views allow Vault users to post lightweight ".Collaboration" files to A360 for external collaboration. By default these shared views expire after 30 days (unless renewed).

    Before you share a design, it's worth noting a few UI changes. The "Shared Views" window will appear in your Vault client by default. If it is not activated, simply navigate to "View", then click "Shared Views"


    A useful tip, is to dock the "Shared Views" window below the "Vault Metadata" window, as shown in the animated GIF below. This will allow you to switch between them as needed.


    Sharing a View:

    Simply Right click on a file in Vault and choose "Share View" from the right click menu.



    Once the view is ready, you will receive an email (see below).


    The Vault Interface will show a pop up, with options to copy a link to the file, or open the view in a browser. In the animated GIF below, I show a markup being done in the browser, with comments added and bought back to Vault!


    Supported File Types

    You can share views for these file types created by the following applications:

    • Inventor - .ipt, .iam, .idw, .dwg
    • AutoCAD - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Electrical - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Mechanical - .dwg
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D - .dwg