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    By Ashley Rice 

    As part of the detailed plantroom calculation and layout program, Cyspace can also auto calculate your equipment and its associated ventilation requirements based on BS6644 and BS5410-2 according to the equipment and fuel type.

    The ventilation dimensions can also be fixed by the user if required as shown below;

    Simply click Basis, and toggle to select user. Then fix your high and low-level dimensions.


    Different types of boiler vents are also included in the program and they include:

    Natural HL and Natural LL

    A pair of natural ventilation louvers, one at high level and the other at low level.

    Natural HL and Mechanical LL

    A combination of natural ventilation at high level and mechanical ventilation vent fan at low.

    Mechanical HL and Mechanical LL

    A pair of mechanical vent fans, one at high and the other at low.

    Louvred door

    Assumes door area is louvered providing both high and low-level vent. This requires a louvred door to be defined on the vent surface.




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