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    By David Crowther 



    I have created a Search Layer but when I run a Search the map interface hangs and states ‘Loading’. What is the likely cause of this? 


    If there was an issue with the SQL for the Search Layer, then an error message would state where the SQL script fails. In this case, the Search Layer has successfully ran, but the results are not rendering within the map, and a ‘Loading’ message is shown.


    The likely reason for this will be that there is a THEME associated to the Search Layer. This may be the case if you created the Search Layer, by copying an existing spatial layer. As per the below, my Fibre Search layer has a THEME called FIBRE_TYPE associated to it.


    If you remove the THEME from the Search Layer and then re-try the Search within MapThat:


    The Search will now successfully run and the resultant objects will be rendered within the map.