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    By David Wren 


    The detailed requirements for electrical design and installation, which are covered in the current version of BS 7671:2008 17th Edition to Amendment 3 (and are also used to achieve compliance with and to meet the requirements of, the Electricity at Work Regulations), are scheduled to be revised to the 18th Edition.

    The changes contained in the new 18th Edition are due to be published and become available for use from 2nd July 2018. From this date forward it will therefore be possible to carry out electrical design to these new requirements, with the standard six month handover period from the current 17th Edition to the new 18th Edition. This six month handover period will allow any existing project started in the 17th Edition, to be completed to that same design standard.

    After its introduction and handover period, the new 18th Edition takes over completely and will become mandatory for all electrical installations designed on or after the 1st January 2019. To assist with the handover and transition period between the 17th and 18th Edition, Cadline’s Cymap team will continue to provide both the present day 17th Edition (Amendment 3) version of Wiring, plus a new 18th Edition version of Wiring.

    By taking this approach, it will enable our Wiring Users to be able to inspect any archived 17th Edition projects, or to complete any existing 17th Edition projects. This will therefore avoid the undesirable situation of being forced to open an existing 17th Edition Wiring project in the new 18th Edition version of the software and becoming trapped in the new requirements.



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