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    By Miles Nicholson 


    New to the 2019 Localiser: 

    • New WD library (wiring block diagram library) 

    A new Cadline specific AutoCAD Electrical library has been developed for wiring block diagrams. This enables the user to create automatic wiring diagrams. A wiring block diagram is a symbolical representation of the actual physical device but contains from/to wiring information that is automatically extracted from the schematic diagrams. Many electrical companies build from this type of drawing rather than a schematic. 

    More information on wiring diagrams can be found on the following link:

    Wiring Block Creation

    • Additional catalogue content from:
      • Adaptaflex
      • B&R
      • Unitrunk
      • V-TAC
    • New 153.png Add URL command: 

    The command creates a navigateable hyperlink of the weblink within the symbol thus meaning the weblink information is available instantly hovering over the symbol in the schematic or within a published PDF. The default AutoCAD Electrical Surfer command does not create hyperlinks within a published PDF. 

    • New WIRING DIAGRAM project (data set showing how the WD library can be utilised)


    • 2019 Install support
    • Modified eXtras ribbon tab


    • Template projects updated to include 2019 support
      • IEC60204PROTO
      • IEC61082PROTO
      • IEC61346PROTO
      • ISO1219PROTO