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    By Ashley Rice

    Within Cymap, you might want to export the geometry to run an energy analysis in a dynamic simulation package to get more accurate results without the hassle of re-creating the building. This blog will not only show you how to do this as a step-by-step guide, but also highlight the difference between using Cymap’s built in CIBSE admittance method calculations and importing the dynamic results which pertain 8760 hours per annum of weather data.

    To start, from Cymap CYC projects in the Energy program, click create a Tas building as shown below:


    This will open a dialog box as shown below:

    At the bottom you have a tick box to launch Tas after the export from Cymap has finished.


    From there we go straight into the TBD program within Tas and thus skipping out the T3D part of the process. Within the TBD program we now need to add our information to the project on the left-hand side, such as but limited to; weather data, building elements and zone data.


    From there we need to run the simulation and save it ready for bringing back into Cymap as shown below:

    Click ‘Import Tas Room Demand’ and browse for your TBD file, then preview, then import.


    You now have the ability to revert to Cymap’s Energy Calculation or the Imported Tas TBD at the click of a button as shown below:


    You can also view the imported results from display, Room results as shown below:

    Tas Room Results:





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