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    By Ashley Rice 

    Adding an annotation within Cyspace can prove necessary for displaying important information directly on the graphical layout as close to the item or items as possible, this blog will not only show how to do so, but also how to add lines and/or arrows to point them out.


    Above we can see that a Riser solution in Cyspace which has three flues and a 42mm condensate pipe. I have also manually added a access door and all that is left for this solution is the associated text for the door. 


    I can get to the add Text icon either by right clicking in the output window, or as shown above under the Add icon on the top of the program.


    We would then need to add our annotation in the text box and move the text box into position, as shown below.


    I have added a line by the same method as adding the text box, then right clicked on the line for the context menu and selected edit. From the associated edit dialog box, we can now edit out lines thickness, colour, length and location to suite. You can also drag the line on the layout to change its location as required.


    To finish off the annotation, I added an arrow with the same add button as both the text box and the line. Then moved it into place and changed the thickness to match the other lines




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