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    Miles Nicholson 


    elecworks™ Service Pack 3 is now available for download. When starting elecworks you will be prompted to download. If you have a network deployment, please remember that the server deployment needs updating first and then the clients from the deployment.


    • Symbol and circuit association has been improved and now depends on a combination of circuit type, number of terminals and terminal mark
      Previously, if you had assigned pin values prior to assigning manufacturer part e.g.


    …and then subsequently assigned a manufacturer part, the manually entered pin numbers would only be updated with the first available contact that matched its contact type e.g.


    With elecworks™ Service Pack 3,  the manually entered pin numbers are retained if they exist within the manufacturer part and they match the contact type:


    • A short translatable description for standard wire colours has been added. The short code is available as an attribute inside of the wire, cable and core information inside of symbols:


    It’s also available as a variable within the Formula Manager for wire, cable & cores numbering.


    • The automatic insertion of origin-destination arrows can now be run from the command line without an interface dialogue.

    Type EWDOAUTOMATICLINK and enter 1 to show the dialogue, 0 to not show the dialogue (below):


    If the dialogue is not shown, parameters selected on the latest execution will be used.

    • The Classification Manager list content can be copied to the clipboard. This facilitates being able to quickly edit existing and create new classes using cut, copy & paste to duplicate and edit.
    • Help has been added for importing title block and assigning revision attributes.
    • You can now change the colour of a multiple selection of CAD entities to  “by layer”.
    • Opened macros can be deleted from the Macro palette.
    • Enhanced workflow of the PDF Export command with a modal dialogue.


    • Encryption of login and password details when connecting to an ERP system.
    • An error message is shown when exporting a project to PDF if a page is missing or corrupted.
    • When deleting multiple connection labels for manufacturer parts, confirmation is asked only once instead of for each occurrence.




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