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    By Peter Maxwell-Stewart 


    Configurator 360 is a relatively new piece of technology for me and seemingly for most of the people I deal with. In fact most people don’t really know of it and its benefits and there are a few really good ones that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

    What is it? Well basically this piece of software can host your Inventor designs in the cloud, in a light weight, user friendly environment. So the first benefit is that your sales guys can take your models with them and configure them in front of your customers. It’s so easy to use that your customers can even configure them, request quotes and download drawings and models of the configured model. You can turn your customers and sales guys into CAD techs without paying them a penny.

    There are multiple model files that you can download, but the two that are really important to me are the BIM file formats; Revit .RFA and .IFC. This means you can create your own BIM library.

    These are just some of the key benefits but there are plenty more. Please watch the video below taking you through the process of hosting Inventor models and just some of the features in configurator 360.

    Enjoy and happy designing!