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    By Gary Stockton

    Revit- Activating a View in a drawing sheet

    When you have a drawing sheet open in Revit and you suddenly notice content which needs to be added or modified (add dimensions, text or move an element etc) you don’t have to go back to the Project Browser and open the relevant view.

    This Blog will show you how you activate a view Port in Revit on the sheet.

    1. Open the sheet, if not opened already
    2. In the drawing area, select a view on the sheet.

    Quick Tip: If views on the sheet overlap, press Tab until the correct view highlights. Watch the status bar for the description of the viewport

    3.Click Modify Viewports tab - Viewport panel - Activate View

    Revit displays the sheet title block and its contents in halftone (As shown below). Only the contents of the active view display normally. You can now edit the view as desired. You can zoom in to the drawing area to see the elements more clearly.

     4.Modify the view as required.

    Pan the view within its viewport, so that only a portion of the view is visible on the sheet. The crop region for the view does not move. Right-click the activated view, and click Pan Active View. Drag the cursor to pan the view.

    Change the scale of the view. On the View Control Bar, for Scale, select the desired scale.

    To deactivate the view on the sheet, click View tab on the Ribbon bar, - Sheet Composition panel, click on Viewports to drop the menu, choose Deactivate view.