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    By Clint Brown

    Most users don’t realise it, but the Autodesk Vault client interface has quite a few customisations that users can make. Users can customise their experience and make Vault even easier to use and navigate.

    Productivity Hack 1: Toolbars

    You can quickly add commonly used commands to your toolbar. I often open up the Vault Job Queue, to get to it is 2 clicks (Tools > Job Queue), which may not seem like a lot, but these can add up over a day.

    By creating a button, you can quickly get to this command.

    Have a look at Connor’s blog to see how you can customise and resize your own shortcuts in Vault.


    Productivity Hack 2: Change the double click behaviour in Vault

    One of my favourite hacks in Vault is to change the double click behaviour. This will allow you to preview the file “in Window” and allow you to switch between versions on the fly.

    By default, if you double click on a file in Vault, the file is opened in the associated program (for example AutoCAD or Inventor). Best practice in Vault is to always open complex CAD files (Like Inventor Drawings and Assemblies) from the CAD package (not Vault), so this default behaviour is probably not best for most users.

    The good news, is that there is a setting in Vault which changes this behaviour. If you change the “double click” behaviour to “View in Window” the file will preview in the Have a look at Kim Hyde’s blog to see how to make the change.


    Productivity Hack 3: Speed up your Vault Client

    A great tip is that you can speed up the Vault client by using using Paged views and creating customised views. Have a look at Chris' blog for this and other tips.