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    By Trevor Clayton

    Cadline Civil 3D Template - Survey Module

    Civil 3D

    Today has been a long time coming. We already help many of you in your day to day design duties. I think I speak for everyone at Cadline when I say that it was a desire to help, assist and teach others that drew us all to the roles we hold and love here today. Over the past year, we have been working tirelessly. Leveraging all of the expertise available to us, investigating ways that we can make an even bigger difference to your working lives. We’re not talking small pointers or little-known commands here either. We’re looking to make profound, lasting changes to the industries that we serve. The Ordnance Survey Model Builder by Cadline was the first example of this. Nowhere else can you receive a 3D model of your area of interest fully equipped with correctly sized buildings on demand. This isn’t enough, though, we can do more, and we have!

    Survey Module

    Those of you that were fortunate enough to be at one of our User Conferences earlier this year would have heard us speak about the Cadline Civil 3D Template we have been developing. This is where we think we can make the next big difference. I’ve been in the industry for longer than I care to admit and have served a good number of design consultants. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered is data integrity. I believe Surveyors suffer more from this due to the way in which their data is processed. 

    How frustrating is it when you’re trying to reorganise objects within a drawing that was last worked on by the one user in the office that would never pay attention to the layer they had selected in AutoCAD. Remember that? Now times it by ten and that is the level of the task at hand. Survey codes are usually two to four character codes, but what is a natural abbreviation to one person will not necessarily be to another. Then there is the added complication for survey consumers of different users using different symbols to represent features, sometimes even in the same company. It is very easy to get your captured data in one big undecipherable mess. With this and the importance of good survey data in mind, the lack of a national standard has always surprised me.

    Public Release

    We are pleased to announce we are making the first release of the Cadline Civil 3D Survey Module available to the public.

    Figure 1

    We have developed codes, symbols and linetypes to represent features that you would capture as part of a topographic or utility survey. We’ve created over 70 of them in fact. We didn’t stop there either! We’ve created a full implementation of our coding standard in Civil 3D. And we’re still not done.

    Ongoing Effort

    We understand that a codelist forms a living document for Surveyors, and I’m confident that there will be that one feature that we have overlooked as well as some specialist items that you would rarely come across. We will provide regular updates and improvements. If you think we’ve missed something, something doesn’t work or you would just like specific features added you can contact us at theinfrastructureteam@cadline.co.uk.

    We hope that with the provision of a standard codelist, working implementation and your assistance that we can simplify collaborative effort within the Infrastructure Industry and provide more meaningful data for generations to come.