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    By Connor Ferguson

    One of the lesser known features of Inventor, is the ability to export your model parameters to iProperties.
    The benefit of this export, is that these Model parameters become available to use in Bills of Materials, parts lists and in drawings.

    The workflow for exporting Parameters to iProperties is quite simple. In the Parameters Dialog there is an “Export Parameter” check box, ticking this creates a custom property in file’s iProperties (with the same name as the parameter).

    Additional formatting on the custom iProperty is available, if needed. Right clicking on the tick box next to the parameter will bring up a ‘Custom Property Format’. From here you can change the units and decimal places.
    There is a constant link between the exported parameter and the custom iProperty, if a parameter value is changed, the model would update as would the custom iProperty’s value.

    The below GIF shows me going through the export process.