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    By Miles Nicholson


    Labelling of your equipment is time consuming (up to 40% of manufacturing time), error prone (consistency issues with the schematics) and expensive (last minute label requirements and cost of setup of printing).

    There are many manufacturers of label printing machines such as Critchley, Markin Genius, Chembre, Murrelektronic, Raychem, Wago & Weidmuller to name a few. 

    Many companies prior to elecworks™ would often manually produce a report or drawing to provide to a label manufacturer. Even after deployment of elecworks™, the benefit of exporting your label requirements to a labelling machine can be overlooked because it is a different departments responsibility.

    However, this is not to the benefit of the company.

    In this tips and tricks we look at how this can be achieved.



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