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    By Kim Hyde

    If you have ever been infuriated following the successful installation of a whole Suite of software, you have selected `Stand Alone’ instead `Network License’ or vice-versa … and then found yourself stuck with what you’ve selected … I know have recently!


    If it’s a 2017 product or set of products you’ve installed, then fear not!  Autodesk has provided a simple fix to correct your mistake.  Yes, there is no uninstall / re-install or registry-hack required.

    Simply run the application (e.g. AutoCAD, Inventor etc.) and select the little down-arrow on the top-right of the application (next to the silhouetted man – sign in) and select Manage License, then select `Change license type’.


    The application will then close. 

    Re-start the application and the choice for Stand Alone or Network will appear again!

    For more information, please refer to the following Autodesk link:





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