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    By Chris Turner

    While I frequently assist and upgrade Customers to a newer version of Autodesk Vault, I have noted some companies lately who are not running an Autodesk ‘compliant’ Microsoft SQL version for their installed Vault. I am not sure why this is the case, but it may be that they have run the Microsoft Windows ‘Optional’ updates on their Vault Server.

    Autodesk supply the system requirements for Vault versions in the following link and we must make sure we follow these guidelines.


    I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be careful with the SQL version installed.

    If SQL is not an Autodesk ‘compliant’ version for Vault, this certainly does not mean that the Vault will have problems or not work for you. However, the issue will be if we ever need to get in touch with Autodesk for any support. Autodesk provide the system requirements for the software it was developed on and if we don’t adhere to this, then Autodesk may struggle to assist.

    Another concern is the upgrade and migration of an existing Vault database in the future. I always follow Autodesk’s best practices and recommended procedures. If there are any issues, we don’t want this to be unsupported by Autodesk.

    As mentioned above, Microsoft Windows ‘critical’ updates are normally acceptable and would not normally apply any service packs.