Vault – Cannot install hotfix Vault 2017.0.1


By Kim Hyde

Autodesk has recently released a hotfix for Vault 2017.  The patch is provided for both server and client for all of the current product range (Basic, Workgroup and Professional); there is also a separate hotfix for the Autodesk Vault Filestore Server (AVFS) for replicated sites.  However, you may experience difficulties applying the service patch on server 2012 platforms and/or Windows 10 due to the higher privilege restrictions Microsoft has applied to both platforms.

To solve this issue, first using log in with Administrator rights, then open a command (DOS) window as Administrator.

Using the Microsoft OS `msiexec’ tool enter the following syntax listed separately below 

To apply the server msp on Windows 2012 / R2 platforms enter:

msiexec /update <file path>AutodeskVault2017_2017.0.1_Hotfix(Server).msp 

To apply the client msp on Windows 10 platforms enter:

msiexec /update <file path>AutodeskVault2017_2017.0.1_Hotfix(Client).msp

As when applying any update, service pack or hotfix … always read the instructions!!

Please use the following Autodesk link to access the hotfix downloads (including on the readme):

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    Irvin Hayes Jr

    You can also install the hotfix from the Autodesk Desktop Application if it is installed on the server with no extra steps.


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