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    By Clint Brown

    Today was the official start of Autodesk University 2016, but so much had already happened before this morning's keynote session.

    The Cadline team arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon. We decided to go on an Infrastructure road trip on Sunday and visited the Hoover Dam. The dam is unbelievable, it is really an amazing feat of engineering.

    Yesterday (Day 0) was filled up with meetings, both with some of our customers that are out here, and with Autodesk.

    Last night I attended the Autodesk Fusion 360 meet up,  which was fun. I met up with some friends at Autodesk that I have know for years and some few faces.

    This morning started with a class at 08h00 on Fusion Lifecycle (formerly PLM360)

    After this class, the keynote session kicked off with a live DJ, followed by a rapper and beat boxer! 

    Unlike recent years, there were no specific product launches at the keynote, but it was revealed that Dreamcatcher will become a commercially available product early next year. I started writing up my notes from the keynote, but the article below is far more detailed.

     I'm off to a Configure One class now and then a meeting with Autodesk's cloud team. I'll be posting loads of pictures on Twitter and blogging daily, so please keep checking back for more updates. 








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