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    By Anite Ramgi


    For project drawings, instead of printing a single PDF with multiply sheets, AutoCAD Electrical has the option to print projects into individual sheets.

    From the project manager palette, select the Publish/Plot icon > Publish to PDF/DWF/DWFx

    On  the pop-up window, select the drawing that needs to be published, either by selecting the drawing and clicking Process, or Do All, which selects all the drawings from that project. Then click OK.

    On the following pop-window, deselect the tick box for Multi-sheet file. 

    On the final pop-up window, click Publish Options…, on locations, choose the location for where the PDFs are required to be saved. De-select the Multi-sheet file option. Click OK then Publish.

    The individual PDFs will be saved in the specified location.





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