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    By John Flanagan


    During training sessions some delegates struggle to see not only the User Interface icons on the projection screen but also on their own screen. In Windows 10 it’s very easy to change window screen display settings. Having larger tool icons on the Ribbon makes navigation easier.

    Fig 1: Ribbon Icons – Recommended Display Setting 125%

    Fig 2: Ribbon Icons – Amended Display Setting 175%

    To change the display settings follow these steps:

    - Right click on your desktop view and select display settings from the menu.

    Fig 3: Display Settings Location- In the settings dialogue box, drag the slide bar to change the size of text, apps and other items to 175%.

    Fig 4: Display Settings Dialogue Box          

     Fig 5: Before & After images of the Project Browser      

    This is a great asset when touring the user interface for the first time. The illustration above clearly demonstrates the advantage of a clearer Project Browser. You may have to use the scroll bar a bit more but that’s a small inconvenience.



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