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    By Clint Brown


    I have a lot of external iLogic rules that I use quite often. But a list of Rules can be quite difficult to navigate, that is until now.

    With external iLogic rules in Inventor, you can assign an icon to the rule, by creating a 16px by 16px sized .PNG file and copying it to the same location as your external rule. The .PNG must have exactly the same name as the rule, so in the example above of the rule "3D PDF", I have a file called 3D PDF.txt and a file called 3D PDF.png.

    Once you have copied the .PNG file into your external rules folder, you will need to re-start inventor before you will see the icon appear, as shown below.

    The easiest way to create a 16px by 16px .PNG file is to open up the icon that you wish to use (square is preferable, as a rectangle will become distorted) in Paint, and to use the resize function, as shown below. Remember to save the image file as a .PNG and that it's name must match the name of the rule.