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    By Simon Longhorn

    When QSELECT simply isn’t powerful enough, use the AutoCAD FILTER command.

    As useful as the AutoCAD QSELECT tool is, it only enables you to select objects based on 1 condition i.e. selection of a circle by layer or by linetype.

    Most of the time this is fine, but every now and again you may find yourself in a situation where you need to select objects that are on a certain layer, have a certain linetype and are of a certain length or radius.

    This is where the AutoCAD FILTER tool (not to be confused with the FILTERS tool) can be utilised.

    The GIF Animation below shows how FILTER enables you to build up a list of conditions that can be applied to select the exact objects that you need. In this instance it is all of the circles on the odd numbered layers that have a radius of 500 units or less and have a dashed linetype.



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