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    By Dennis Collin


    Last week there was an update to Revit 2017 called 2017.1. Along with the usual enhancements there was a new application included which makes it much easier to run Dynamo Scripts. It is located on the manage tab of the ribbon, under the visual programming panel.

    This player application sits alongside the Dynamo for Revit Application which I blogged about recently here. Although scripts can be executed within this editing environment, there is a risk that accidental changes can be made to existing scripts. So a player has been provided which can be pointed to a ‘published’ resource of company standard scripts, where coding can be run to perform tedious tasks without the original code being altered or broken.

    Upon running the player, the application will check the published area for a list of scripts and display in a list, shown in the image above. Within which, we see some script samples including a routine which creates additional levels above an existing upper story. Once a script has been run it displays a completed message and a new level has been added to the project with any errors displaying as appropriate. This player is only available for the full Revit version as Revit LT lacks a visual programming tab. Although a project could be opened with a full Revit and processed in a similar way with a Lisp or VB routine being run in full AutoCAD with ‘APPLOAD’ on an existing AutoCAD LT DWG file.

    The typical resource folder can be set to either a network or local drive and in my example comes with 6 sample scripts that could be tweaked in the Dynamo editor should any further enhancements be required.


    The link to my original blog on Dynamo (referenced) can be found here.




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