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    By Miles Nicholson


    A generic CAD system has long had the functionality to set standards for layer names, dimension styles, and other elements; check drawings against these standards and then change any properties that do not conform.

    These standards are defined and individual or multiple drawings can be audited for violations of standards. Any errors that are found within the drawings can then be automatically fixed. This enables the generic CAD user to easily adopt a customer’s standard.

    However, the generic CAD system does not take into account electrical related problems. 

    elecworks™ will save a customer both time and effort in ensuring designs are consistent and silly mistakes are eradicated.

    The Design Rules Check utility checks the entire project. Wires with no connection, missing or duplicated wire numbers, components with missing catalogue assignment, duplicated component tags and components with no connections are reported. Errors are highlighted and it’s the user’s discretion as to what is done. The software may highlight but the user is ultimately the engineer.

    Designs and documentation are always up to date and consistent ensuring less potential production errors. Bills of materials, wire from -  to lists, cable lists, label lists are all produced automatically cutting down both time in manufacturing but also labour costs.

    Utilizing elecworks™ for checking a design will ensure a return on investment for customers and decrease manufacturing time in production due to costly errors being minimised.



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