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    By Dennis Collin

    With the release of 3ds Max 2017 we have a new text primitive object - TextPlus

    Located in the Stand Primitives section of the command panel, this new object combines all the functions of the old 2D text creation tool, and modifiers for extrude and bevel/bevel profile.

    The new tool includes placement options to place vertically (saving an unnecessary rotate operation)

    The editing tools are very similar to any Windows text editor with options for Indents, font changes and italics without creating an overly complex mesh. You can even import a text document using standard Cut and Paste functions

    TextPlus Advanced Text Editor

    Extrusion depth and segments as well as a Bevel Option with built in Bevel Profile Editor can also be applied to the text object. The controls are similar to other Max curve editors which can be seen below:

    TextPlus Bevel Profile Editor

    Right clicking on points will convert sharp corner to bezier nodes and vice versa. This easily creates an output as shown below, without having to figure out units and the order of modifications in the Max object modifier stack.

    Other options like material ID assignments can be set, to ease the application of Multi-Sub Object Materials. Also the ability to rotate individual characters of a Word making it a useful tool not just for Signage but also marketing purpose animations.



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