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    By Justin Doughty

    A recent Revit question I had was “How do I rotate the label text of a section line?”. This was so the text can be orientated in the same direction as the arrow of the section head, to make presentation clearer. By default this is set so that all labels are readable and therefore horizontal. There are possibly many ways to set this up this, however below is my suggestion, which seems fairly simple and effective.


    In the project browser, right click the section head being used, and edit family:

    Save As the standard head family AS something with a suffix like “rotated”

    Then setup 3 family types, 3 instance, yes/no, visibility parameters and name them appropriately. Tick the parameter according to the type name.

    Copy and rotate the centre line and labels 3 times:

    With each selection, make their visibility based on each rotation:


    Save this family and load into your project.

    In the project, draw a section, edit type. Setup 3 types with a suffix, then proceed to the section tag:

    Setup another 3 types here again with the same suffixes, then assign the correct section head to the right type:

    You will then have your rotations selectable in the section drop down:





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