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    By Peter Maxwell-Stewart                                                        

    This is just a short blog on some of the hidden updates in Fusion 360 this month.

    You can preview a few of the new features but first you need to know how to turn them on.


    Start by loading up Fusion and then going to your account settings



    From there click on “preferences” and then “preview”


    You now have the ability to turn on or off these settings. The best of which in my opinion is the Colour Sketch geometry based on constraint status.

    This will show you when you sketch is fully constrained by changing the colour of the line in you sketch each time a constraint is satisfied. This is something that is long overdue in Fusion as previously it has taken a bit of experience of guess work to get this right. 


    Hope this helps and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up if you found this useful.



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