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    By Scott Cunliffe

    Revising files with relationships can be tricky at first, but there’s a logical process to follow.  Factory members are parents of the factory, and must be treated accordingly.

    The following will show you how to revise individual factory members.

    1. Vault: Change State, unselect ‘Include Parents’, Check Out factory
    2. Inventor: make changes to the factory table1



    3.Vault: find the affected factory members2: Change State, Check Out

     4.Inventor: Generate Files on the affected factory members


     5.Inventor: Update File Properties, Save, Check-in3

     6.Vault: Revise factory and members

    You should now have factory components at different revisions.


    1. Changes to factory geometry will require an update on all members
    2. You may be unable to check the member out if it exists in your workspace. Delete it, refresh vault, check it out
    3. If you do not see the member in the check in list, follow the steps again correctly.




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